This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Pictures

Wow Has It Really Been That Long?!

Well you know what they say...time really does fly in our house!! Seems as though just yesterday we were playing on the beach in Manasquan enjoying our summer than all of a sudden I got a teaching job, Sara had her first birthday, Dave switched partners at Coldstone, and life as we know it got hectic! Well let's start the updating...

Dave: Just in the last few weeks he has been able to get out his old partner from Coldstone and his friend Ray has become his new partner. It is both a sigh of relief as well as a moment of anxiety...A sigh of relief because I think that Dave's old partner was slowly killing him. WHat with his not coming in to work when he was scheduled and leaving the store unopenned for hours at a time, to making the orders wrong, to not paying bills or showing Dave bills, and everything in between. However there is a bit of anxiety on my part because I know how Dave operates in work (I had that experience first hand when meeting him at our job together over seven years ago...Outback) He likes things to get done and does not really stand for excuse after excuse for not getting things done or done right...which is totally understandable. Dave also, as many of you know, is cheap and likes to find anyway to save a penny (which believe me has saved us a lot of money thus far) Ray is Dave's best buddy and I just have anxiety that they will clash and bump heads...but lets hope for the best...cause trust me anything is better than that other partner.

Healthwise Dave had a scare right before Christmas! He had gotten sick, both throwing up and diahrea, and could not stop. He had been doing both so consistently that he felt as though it was necessary for him to go to the hospital. He had become so dehydrated from the constant vomitting that they pumped him full of fluids, antibiotics for the stomach acids and nausea. We did not have to admit him but we were there most of the night. He didn't feel well for about the next 48 hours. All in all he lost 7 pounds in that whole incident. It was not fun! As Dave was feeling alittle better Sara then had began throwing up as was not a fun house to be in for those 36 hours. I am happy to report though that both are feeling better and that they both enjoyed Christmas!

Sara: Oh what can I say about my little monkey!! She is into everything and anything she can get her hands on or in. She is extremely active as well as exhausting! She loves to play, be the entertainer, and loves to laugh! She currently is about 24lbs and is about 30inches long. She has gotten all of her shots up to date...including her chicken pox as well as her flu shot. And good thing about the flu shot because it seems as though everyone is getting sick these days! Other than that she is having fun spending her days with her Daddy while Mommy goes to teach. Her Daddy takes her to visit the grandparents as well as other friends that are around during the day! She is enjoying every moment of her day!
She had been putting up fights with me to go to bed...she thought it was okay for a 14 month old to be going to bed around now that I have my head on straight with my school work I have really been on top of getting her into routine. She is slowly starting to make it to bed by 9 9:15 latest. Which for our family and our situation works out nicely. She still does fuss at night but that is simply cause she dropped her pacifier. Sara has been sleeping on the floor with a pillow lately as well. It seems to keep her calmer at night and keep her sleeping longer at night. However once I can get the sleeping time down I think that will be our next step. Dave took apart her bed so it is now a toddler bed so we will slowly make our way into there...for now it works and for now she has made a lot of progress. Sara is definately an independent woman who knows what she wants!

Lindsay: I have been so busy the last few months. I got hired for a long term sub position at my old school Middletown Village, in a fourth grade classroom. I absolutely loved it. I loved the kids, the teachers I worked with were awesome, and I loved what I was teaching! That position ended at the break for the holidays and I am now going back over to my other school for a contracted position in fifth grade. I have much anxiety over going to teach fifth grade because I feel as though my mind set was set-up for fourth however half the class is my crew from last year and I feel as though it is just picking up where I left off. I am excited to have this opportunity because word is that there are positions available full time at this school next year and that the principal would love to put me in one of those spots. Soooo I need to keep my fingers crossed and work my butt off this time around! Otherwise I am keeping busy with working at the Outback in Old Bridge, about 4 nights a week, tutoring about 4 different children, and being a full time Mommy and wife. It is very hectic and sometimes I end up in tears or screaming but I enjoy it and I do not know what I would do with myself if I was not so busy!

More to come with pictures of our little monkey and our recent wonderful Christmas holiday!