This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

a little rant

okay so I know that this blog is meant for us as a family and that I hope that one day Sara will read it and realize even more how much her father and I loved and cared for her so I think that is why I am willing to type this next post....this I hope becomes something Sara can learn and not let run her life or break her heart like it has mine or many other girls I have known!!

I hope that Sara learns that she is going to come across some individuals in this world(specifically females) that will think that there lives are the only ones that matter and that they are the only individuals with issues or problems that matter and that Sara's own problems do not matter not do they care about them...I want them to know that those particular individuals who she comes acorss will end up not mattering in her life...they are not going to be life long loving friends and that eventually you will meet a wonderful friend and someone who cares not only about themselves but also you

those are the people that matter and it will be the hardest life test Sara will ever have to endure over and over again...I just hope that she can realize this type of person quickly and not have her feelings hurt over and over again because I have seen these people first hand and they are not people I want Sara to be associated with...she deserves so much better than them!!

Life as a girl and making friendships is much harder than males think and sometimes it is overexaggerated while other times it is an unavoidable heartbreak...I just wish nothing more than Sara to not have to go through that pain...she deserves better and will receive better treatment!!!

okay now I am done on my rant...thank you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

running and running and running

So as you know I have been training for running the half marathon in December in Las Vegas with my Uncle Dick and my two cousins Jaime and Brian. I would have always considered myself an atheltic individual. I mean granted I know I haven't played a sport in the longest times and only go to the gym maybe 3 or 4 days a week but I never realized how out of shape I am. I am following the schedule and plan from my friend Kerry and I am currently on the 3 and 4 mile week. First of all I did not realize actually how far 3 or 4 miles is and not only that but how much I time I have to think about things. It is really unbelievable!

So with all my time to think we have discussed and thought about putting Sara in a daycare program, for a few reasons. Dave is really trying to work more with having a new partner and wanting to reduce the amount of time for the kids (which in turn is our money in our pockets) but also for Sara to actually interact with children of her age group. As of now our friends that have children her age we do not get to see long or we do not know a lot of people her age. This will allow her for a couple of hours to interact with children and learn how to actually play along with kids rather than alongside. I think it is a great idea for Sara and a good opportunity for her however I keep thinking once I put her in school she is then going to be in school for the rest of her life. She will have to continue on in a preschool program and then she will move on to kindergarten. It is kind of scary in that aspect. But the better part of this experience is that with our schedules and the help of our parents we do not have to put her in full time nor do we have to put her in for full days on the days that she is going. She can attend it for just a few hours and gain enough exposure to other children. It will definately be a huge adjustment foor me though leaving her at a place without someone she knows. It is a bit scary!

If my mind is working in full mode already at only 3 to 4 miles I can only imagine when I reach the week of running 8 miles. Oh boy!! Keep you updated on the training! I will not give up though because everyone thinks I can not do this so I am going to make it my mission to do it!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

You know what they say....

Well it is exactly like they idea sounds really great...they make it seem easy enough to contribute to and to keep up with yet they do not take into consideration how hectic and how busy one's life might be or become. So to all my loyal followers out there I apologize for my lack of updates and filling you in our latest craziness but time definately got away from me and I definitely put this on my back burner.

Here is the most recent update on everyone and everything:

Dave is busy these days with adjusting to life with a new partner at Coldstone and with handling everything that comes with being a business owner, especially one of two different locations. Dave worked all winter long and when he wasn't doing that he was busy being the most amazing stay at home father to Sara. Thank goodness for being a business owner because his schedule became very flexible for us and was able to be home to watch Sara whenever we needed sitters. The two of them became very close and they spent many afternoons going on day trips to visit friends as well as learning the details of being a toddler. It was a learning experience for both Sara and her daddy!
Summer began and Dave is falling into his usual grind. He went on his local bowling trip with the guys to bowl in the large tournament. He thoroughly enjoys that trip with the guys and luckily this year he bowled rather well so he was able to make it a more worthwhile trip for himself. Dave is a bit upset with himself this summer over the lack of golf outings he has had but he realizes that being a daddy, running two stores, and the unpredictable weather we were having since June did not allow for many opportunities. I do believe though that Dave is enjoying his summer just the same even if he isn't golfing as much as he expected. Dave is currently looking into his next adventure next year with the bowling guys and booking that trip. He also is looking forward to August when he, Kelli, her two friends, and I go to Vegas for four days.

I never knew a kid quite like Sara. She is rather advanced for her age physically since the beginning such as when she began sitting up, crawling, walking, climbing on to and out of things (specifically her crib) and she continues to be this summer with her swimming capabilities. This year she is wearing a swimming vest that resembles a full on bathing suit and she puts that on and never thinks twice about jumping into the water on her own, swimming from one end of the pool to the other or just being a fish out of water. She has so much energy that it is always beneficial for us to bring her to the beach or to her Grandma and Pop-pop's pool because she exhausts herself there.
We never thought of Sara as a rather larger child her age but recently my cousin Brian and Tara came with their kids. Their youngest daughter Kamry puts Sara to shame. Sara must out weigh Kamry (who is about 4 months older than Sara) by atleast 8 or 9 pounds. Sara is just solid rock! It is almost better that way because for instance as I type this she is trying to climb on top of the entertainment center to be closer to Woody and Buzz on the TV.
More updates with Sara include that we are looking into a daycare or a preschool type situation for her next year for like two days a week. This way our feeling was that she can interact with more children her own age. It has been awersome that she has been fortunate enough to not have to be in daycare at a few months of age and has gotten the time to spend with her grandparents and her father but we do not have many friends with children her age and she needs to start playing more in that social aspect. Hopefully it will all work itself out.

Well I got a full time teaching position for the upcoming school year. I will be teaching fourth grade at Ocean Avenue Elementary in Middletown. I have never been so excited and so nervouse for something in a long time. I was hired into the position with another brand new teacher and a transfer from a different school. So there will be a group of us new teachers that are going to have the opportunity to work together but I am still nervous because now it is my time to prove I know what I am doing and have deserved this job for the longest time. I do look forward to this summer getting in the classroom and rearranging my room to how I see it working and to setting up units and work to fit how I want to teach.

Because I was so fortunate to find out about receiving this job before the end of the summer I have had the opportunity to enjoy this summer fully with Sara. We are making up for the limited time we spent together over the winter and spending every moment together. We have gone to the beach many times so far this summer. We went swimming in the pool and visiting with friends at playdates. I have also tried to schedule day trips for us to visit zoos or see different places. We have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it thus far. Don't get me wrong though I do still enjoy going to work at Outback for a couple hours because I can interact with adults and see how adults are living :)

All in all everyone is having a wonderful summer thus far! I will be updating pictures tomorrow of our time plus to show how much older Sara looks already.