This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our 5 Month Update

Well little Sara has officially reached 5 months old. Recently she has become so capable of moving herself about, rolling over, eating a variety of different veggies and fruits, and also learning how to manipulate those around her (the little stinker) When we went to the doctor she got 2 more shots...which she was pretty unhappy about because there was one in each leg. Sara now weighs 15.4 lbs and is 26 inches long. She is getting so big!! At this particular doctor's appointment Sara decided to test out the absorbency of the paper that lays on her table by peeing all over it the second the doctor took the diaper off to check her out. What a bugger she is!!!

Sara has now mastered having bananas, apples, pears, peaches, and sweet potatoes. She absolutely loves her fruits. It is very funny to watch her when she realizes it is time to eat. From the moment she gets into the highchair she begins squealing, openning her mouth in all directions, and banging whatever toys are on her tray. She is too funny!! The moment that Dave or myself will sit down next to her and begin to feed her she is a nonstop talker. It is almost as if she is telling us how much she enjoys the food and wants more of it!

Sara now rolls over from both front to back and from back to front. She loves wiggling herself around to different positions depending on where her toys are. She has also mastered the sitting up by herself thing. Occassionally she will topple over but she loves every aspect of sitting up and being able to reach for her toys. Along with her new skills of sitting up and rolling over Sara has also already mastered the pouty lip technique to get someone to come over and pick her up or move her to do something else. Yes it may very well be that I just run to her when she does become fussy but when I am holding her and she wants to do something else she begins to put out her lip and make a little fake cry about it. It is so funny to watch! Dave and I have become smart to her ways (however that doesn't always stop us from running to her when it sounds like she needs us...hahaha)

In other news I got a job covering a 4th grade classroom til the end of the year. The teacher went out on maternity leave. I am very excited about this opportunity and the challenge because from what I can tell thus far this class will be a challenge. The only downfall is that it is not a long enough time period to gain a contract so I do not get benefits from teaching so I am stuck working at Outback for the benefits. So for the next few months it may become very stressful but I did not want to pass on the opportunity and the ability to get my name out there. I do not know that it will actually help me though with all this drama of cutting school budgets in NJ due to the governor but I will just do the best I can. (Never in my wildest dreams did I think that there would be no opportunity to get a teaching job in NJ, especially after I got a special education degree and took all the credits that were recommended...I mean there is no other job that I would want to have so I hope that this budget cutting gets worked out and jobs will open up again)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

5 Months and Sitting Up By Herself

I am sorry but this is going to be just a quick little update and we will add more later. Sara is now 5 months old. She is getting so big so quick its unbelievable. We did not have our 5 month doctor appointment yet so I can not update you with that information....but she is doing great though! The other night Dave was changing her diaper and clothes for bedtime and started playing with her on the floor of her room. Next thing you know Dave sat her up in between his legs and was playing and he began to realize that she was balancing herself and started to back away from her and she was sitting by herself. She is the cutest thing when she does it too. That is really it for right now since that is the big exciting news for us right now! Here are a couple of updated pictures of her.
More to come!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yummy Cereal and Not So Yummy Bananas!!

About 3 weeks ago Sara started exploring other food options other than Mommy's breastmilk....and boy was she excited to do so!! At first she was alittle put off by the different texture but once she realized that she gets to sit in her highchair and use her spoon she loved it. She loves being able to sit in the highchair along with Mommy and Daddy at the table. She really got into too...increasing the amount of cereal she was getting at a time and also increasing it to 2 times a day. Daddy has also really enjoyed the fact that Sara is eating cereal and other such foods shortly because he can become more involved in her feedings and it becomes an opportunity for the two of them to bond that was originally unavailable to him. It is also so hard to realize that Sara is geting so big so quickly. Her personality is really starting to shine in different instances...she laughs more, gives alittle frown, gets very intense with her talking.

The weather is also getting beautiful lately which has become such a plus because we are able to take Sara on walks and out to the park and other such places. It is also an exciting time in the house because I got offered a long time permanent sub position in a fourth grade classroom.It is from April to the end of the school year...however it is not contracted so we will just cross our fingers that it will open doors or provide another additional reference that I did a good job.