This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Well another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and I wonder where the time has gone. This particular year we had two turkey dinners. One of which on actual Thanksgiving at Aunt Sue's house. When we went there we were able to visit with the normal crowd, Aunt Sue, Uncle Bob, Grammie, Grampie, Aunt Kelli, Kara, Blake, and Kyle. This year we were visited by Aunt Barb and Uncle Dick as well. Sara absolutely loves when we all get together because she becomes the center of attention to everyone....everyone wants to play with her constantly, she can dictate what she wants or does not want, and she always enjoys playing with the dogs.

We also were able to celebrate a smaller turkey, Thanksgiving style dinner at Nancy and Jay's house on Sunday. Thanksgiving is the only holiday I feel that really limits you to only one night for celebrating rather than such like Christmas were you have pretty much the entire month or atleast the night before and the day of Christmas. At Nancy and Jay's Sara was able to see her Grandma, Poppop, Aunt Jill, and Uncle Scott. An additional place in which she is catered to by everyone and the center of the attention, so safe to say that Sara is enjoying her holidays thus far as many children do as well.

This holiday though we will take time to really think about what we have and what we do not have. Recently Dave's grandfather, who we lived with for about five years, has passed away. He was an amazing man who cherished spending time with his family and more specifically his great-granddaughter. He had recently decided to stop wanting to go to dialysis and was struggling with health issues that arise from that decision. He did pass peacefully in his sleep after having visits all day from family members. Dave truly loved his grandfather and took a great deal of care for his grandfather. We did many things within the house to keep an eye on him but Dave also went above and beyond by doing the small and large things for his grandfather without wanting or asking for a thing in return. We will definitely take time this holiday season to remember this wonderful man!

More to come and pictures as well!!