This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Family Visits, Christmas Shopping, etc.

Well it has been a while since we last updated so there is a lot to tell. About two weekends ago my Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob came to visit from Florida. It was very nice to get to see them and for them to meet Sara. She is getting bigger by the minute so lucky for them they got to see her before she was able to stand or walk even...haha. It is always fun to catch up with the family and see what has been going on.
Besides visiting with family we have been keeping ourselves busy getting ready for the holidays. I know that it is Sara's first Christmas but Dave and I decided that we were not going to get her anything because between our two parents and all the other family members and friends Sara has enough to last her til she is 5 it feels like....however she does grow through her clothes so quickly so we do appreciate everyone's sentiment to get her all these things. However we have been doing a lot of shopping for all the other gifts we need to get. Sara has been out occassionally shopping with us. She is such a great girl when we go out. She has never cried yet while we were out so we have been extremely lucky in that scenario. We decided that we were going to take Sara to see Santa this year. We planned out days when we could take her with Dave's parents and with my parents. We already went with Dave's mom and Sara slept the entire time that Santa held her. She was very good. As soon as I can figure out how to upload the pictures that we purchased her Santa pictures will be up to see.
Sara is now two months old. I can hardly believe that time has gone by that quickly. We are heading to her doctor later on this week so I will have to update again when we get her new statistics. From what we can see she is still eating very well and sleeping I am sure that her weight has increased. Dave and I are also keeping track of her height on her own growth chart in her room and it seems that she has grown since last month so we will have to wait and see.
Other than that we are having the best time with Sara. She has become more interactive on a daily basis. We started laying her on her back on the activity mat and she has now started to realize what is above her and she goes reaching for the toys that are hanging. It is so exciting to watch and experience her growing up and learning new things. I love being a mommy!

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