This is the story of our crazy little family.We do not claim to have it all worked out perfectly. We do not claim to be experts. What we do know is that everyday is a new adventure. Everyday there will be some tears, some laughter, some anger, some misunderstandings, some joy, some sorrow and a whole lot of happiness and love! That is how we know we are doing some things right!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year Brings New Milestones!

Hooray for 2010! I can not believe that Sara is getting so big that she has already experienced her first new years. It seemed like when she was born I was saying I can't wait for her first holiday of Halloween and to dress up her up in all the cute "baby's first" we have blown threw four major holidays...time is flying! Sara must have sensed it was the new year and she needed to do something big for it...she brought in the new years night by sleeping from 1 til 7:30....6 and a 1/2 straight hours of sleep!!! Not only that she has continued on her new years resolution and has slept everynight since for about six straight hours!! Dave and I are very excited over this new sleeping choice!

Sara is definately coming into her own. She notices everything around her and has become much more alert (if that's even possible because she was already very alert) of her surroundings. She is smiling all the time when you talk to her...and she has even developed this cute little shriek that I think is her way of laughing! Her daily routine is also forming slightly. She has been getting up between 6:30 and 7:30, eats...usually is up for the next half an hour and then falls back asleep til about 10. Then she is ready for her day! Dave and I got Wii Fit Plus from Aunt Sara spends about an hour of her morning watching and laughing at Mommy trying to get her butt back in shape. Hopefully this firgid weather we are having outside won't last too much longer and we will be able to go on our walks again.

Sara is just a happy, content baby girl! We could not ask for a more perfect baby at this point...Dave and I are counting our blessings about how lucky we have gotten. This year has barely begun and it already holds such high standards for what is to come...we can not wait to watch Sara progress even more!

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