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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Weeks and Counting

We have a little over three weeks left til our due date and progress is being made slowly..emphasis on the slow. We are now going to the doctor once a week til the end of the pregnancy. At our last appointment our doctor told us that we were a centimeter dialated. However a few questions arose during the appointment because when the doctor pointed out where he believed the head of the baby seemed like a substantial distance between that area and where he placed the machine to listen to the heartbeat. So the doctor decided to give me another ultrasound to make sure that he was sure the head was down and in the right place. Well the ultrasound came and he was in fact correct that she was down and in the right place. After that appointment I was feeling pretty good that things were progressing and moving in the correct direction...I understand that being one centimeter dialated is not a lot but I felt secure that the baby was making progress and that I would get to meet our daughter sooner than later.

The week continued and our next appointment came about. The appointment was today and we met with one of the other doctors in the practice. He told us that all of our latest tests came back normal with no concerns or worries. But when he was doing the exam he said that he did not feel the head moving down at all. So then he made me nervous that the baby moved and perhaps the baby was flipped in the wrong direction. So once again we went in and got another ultrasound. He said that the head was definately down in the right position but that the baby was still alittle high up. The doctor also said that he feels that the placenta is a bit low and that might be why the baby's head is not dropping. He also saw in the ultrasound that the baby's hand and arm was up near her face and it might be forcing her to not drop down. Dave and I are still hopefully that she will move her arm and that she will drop down safely. I would prefer sooner rather than later..just because I want to meet her already..I want to hold her and kiss her. But whatever keeps her safe I will just have to deal with because I do not want anything to happen to her in the end.

We are still going to the doctors every week until the time comes but hopefully by the next doctors appointment we will see more progress.

On a different note we met with our first potential pediatrician today. She was in an individually run office and is close to our house. There were some definate advantages and disadvantages in a doctor that is by herself. We still have to meet with two pediatrician groups, one tomorrow and one next week. It will be nice to compare the different forms of pediatricians to see which ones we prefer. As time is approaching we will have to make a decision quickly but we are keeping our options open as well and not utilizing the first doctor we meet.

We will keep you updated!!

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